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CDK Labs
CDK Labs
100% transparency, ridiculously high ROI.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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At CDK Labs, we keep up with the ever-changing marketing landscape. The digital revolution keeps advancing and we are ready to accept every challenge. Our team of experts considers change as an opportunity. We have spent our careers in the eye of the storm and have created powerful marketing campaigns. We find winning solutions to take our clients to the top of the online world. Business keeps evolving! In this highly competitive business world, CHANGE is the New Normal. And we embrace change that makes our web marketing services stand out from the rest. We have a team of SEO, SEM, content marketing, and web design specialist to achieve the best results. Our team keeps up with the latest marketing trends to ensure that our clients stay ahead of their competitors. When you choose CDK Labs as your go-to digital marketing agency, you get: Win-Win Solution, Accelerate your Growth online and Complete transparency.

n 2013, a group of young marketers came together with a single purpose: To create a results-driven digital marketing agency. And so began CDK Labs.

By combining passion, experience and expertise with fully customised digital strategies, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as one of Canada’s most recommended, most awarded and fastest growing digital agencies.

Our team consists of some of best young digital experts, including SEO analysts, graphic designers, web developers and content and marketing creatives.

While we have grown, our values and philosophy have stayed the same. We remain committed to building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to help grow your business using tailored and proven digital marketing strategies. Because when you grow, we grow.

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Our client chose SEO to grow their website traffic. And it paid off, too. We drove over 10K visitors to their website in just six months. To improve our client’s site ranking in the SERPs, it was essential to target the right set of keywords. We focused on finding the best set of keywords to rank w


When a client reached out to us around half a year ago for SEO services for his decking service business, they were facing fewer sales despite their quality services. Their website traffic was relatively low, and their targeted keywords were not apt enough to bring in organic traffic.


The keyword ranking improved substantially. While no keyword ranked on the 1st page in Feb 2022, the client has now 15 keywords on the top 3 pages. Out of those 15 keywords, 11 rank on Page 1. After working on the client’s website for 6 months, we increased their organic traffic to 10,176 visitors.

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