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Mission Statement

Our Mission is Simple: to Ensure Your Brand is Not Only Found

But Also Remembered. We achieve this through bespoke strategies that reflect your brands essence, powered by the precision of AI for design, personalization and ROI. Our goal is to be a leader in the AI-driven evolution of digital marketing for our clients' benefit.

Vision for the Future

We envision a world where every personal digital interaction is an opportunity for growth. At FYNDYOU, we are committed to leading the charge, guiding businesses through the evolving digital landscape with expertise and foresight.

5 Star Google Rating - BBB A+

Our Services - AI-Infused Solutions for Every Digital Need

- Strategic Brand Development

- AI-Infused Website Design

- SEO Powered by AI

- AI-Driven PPC

- Social Media Marketing with AI

- Proactive Online Reputation Management with AI

- AI-Driven Data Science Analytics

Areas of Focus:

-Local Businesses

- Law Firms

- Dental and Cosmetic Dentistry

- SaaS and Cloud Computing

- Manufacturing & Equipment Companies

- e-Commerce

Câu chuyên thành công

Thử thách

Cook Ellis Law in Kansas City MO online presence wasn’t reflective of the high standards the partners have for their practice. Especially in generating new leads. The website is nice but wasn’t getting as much traffic as it could. Search engine results were good but needed improvement.

Giải pháp

FYNDYOU worked with Cook Ellis and their team to create a digital marketing plan focused on: -Refining the brand -Optimizing the website -Enhanced directory placements _Google ads -Putting automations into place -Dashboard to track ROI

Kết quả


Thử thách

To be where customers are looking online in southern florida for Heavy Equipment. Make the phone ring more, FYNDYOU needed to: Get them found in local search results List them in relevant directories Increase web traffic and leads Use reporting and call tracking to monitor results and ROI

Giải pháp

Highlights: FYNDYOU made sure they were showing up in multiple places on Google, including organic listings, ads, and maps under multiple keywords FYNDYOU also ensured they were represented in 50+ other online directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing Local, and more Everything was tracked for ROI

Kết quả

+442% FOUND Online Per Month (search engines, directories, maps) +321% Visits to Digital Properties Per Month $19.50 Cost Per Lead a 210% drop

Thử thách

Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TX. online presence wasn’t reflective of the high standards Dr. Guy Lewis has for his practice. Especially in Social Media. There were social media accounts, but there was no consistent strategy to reinforce the brand and drive traffic to the site

Giải pháp

FYNDYOU worked with Dr. Lewis and his team to create a digital marketing plan focused on: -Refining the brand -Optimizing the website -An engaging social media presence -A robust content marketing strategy -Improving local directory listings

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