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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

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HornTech is a premier full-stack digital marketing agency operating in both Australia and New Zealand. With a strong emphasis on leveraging the latest trends and smart marketing strategies, HornTech offers comprehensive digital solutions designed to elevate businesses to new heights. As a full-stack digital marketing agency, HornTech encompasses a broad range of services, each meticulously crafted to deliver sustainable results and maximize return on investment for their clients.

Web Development

A robust online presence is foundational to modern business success. At HornTech, we specialize in developing websites that not only meet the highest standards of quality but are also affordable. Our team of web development experts collaborates closely with clients to create modern, effective websites that align with business goals. We focus on user-friendly designs, seamless functionality, and optimizing user experience to ensure that our clients’ websites stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is critical for enhancing the visibility of a website. At HornTech, we understand that the primary purpose of having a website is to be easily discoverable by potential customers. Our professional SEO management services are designed to improve organic visibility, achieve higher search engine rankings, and drive quality traffic to our clients' websites. By implementing effective SEO strategies, we help businesses reach their target audience more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising represents a significant opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience and drive growth. HornTech utilizes advanced advertising knowledge and expertise to craft online advertising strategies that convert and expand audiences. Our unique campaigns are tailored to deliver the best results, enhancing web traffic and generating sales. We provide advertising services across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn, ensuring comprehensive market reach.

Quy mô kinh doanh của khách hàng
Mô hình định giá
  • Phí lưu giữ
  • Dựa trên dự án
Ngân sách
  • $1,000 +
Tiêu điểm địa lý
  • United States
  • Australia
  • China
Ngôn ngữ
  • Tiếng Anh
  • Tiếng Trung
Câu chuyên thành công

Thử thách

Haakaa, a well-known New Zealand-based brand for baby products, faced significant challenges with their WordPress+WooCommerce setup. The server instability led to poor user experience, affecting order placement and advertising performance. The client aimed for a monthly sales target of $300,000, whi

Giải pháp

HornTech recommended migrating to Shopify to enhance stability and user experience. Within one month, we successfully transferred all orders, products, and customer data. We also migrated Google and Meta advertisements, started Google Merchant Shopping ads, and set up Shopify's multi-market platform

Kết quả

By early 2024, Haakaa's online sales had exceeded the client's expectations, demonstrating the success of the migration and marketing efforts.

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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand Horn Tech đã giúp THINK GREEN LIMITED phát triển doanh nghiệp của họ bằng SEO và marketing kỹ thuật số

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