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Every Experience is a Story Waiting to be Told

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

Remote work



In today's competitive and noisy marketplace, consider this: Your customers encounter over 105,000 words per day, After adding pictures, videos, games, etc., we reach the volume of 34 Gigabytes of information per day on average. Over and over, we tend to use poorly performing visuals or expect customers to read and research too much. Now, ask yourself. If you were a customer, what experience would be more inspiring? Being told what someone thinks you want to hear? Or, being shown a product or service that uses visual and verbal storytelling to illustrate why something could make your life better or easier? Storytelling has been proven through scientific research to have resounding psychological effects on consumers. In fact, 92% of consumers want advertisements to feel more like stories. Not because they want fiction. Because they want to understand what their life will look like after choosing your products or services. At LORE, we combine your brand, your story, and the way it's told into a powerful narrative that amplifies your message and grabs the attention of your audience. Founded in 2015, we have built a diverse, multifaceted team of experts that drive business with a turnkey solution that promotes collaboration and an easily proven workflow that saves time and money. Are you ready to tell your story and increase your profitability?
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