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Hello there! At Magnet we are a team of 12 strategists, writers, analysts, UI/UX designers, and web developers. We are based in Ohio with a remote presence across the United States, dedicated to propelling your business forward. We merge insights from cognitive science with real-world data and solid design principles to create engaging experiences that connect with your audience.

Since our inception in the United Kingdom to our growth across North America, we have worked with organizations spanning education, philanthropy, travel and tourism, retail, entertainment, professional services, and the sciences. We have partnered with well-known names such as UCLA, McGraw Hill Education, HGTV, Expedia, and Ikea, as well as hundreds of other non-profits, enterprises, and startups.

Our SEO and PPC strategies are built on a foundation of thorough research and industry insights. We conduct detailed SEO audits to ensure your site ranks well and resonates with your target audience. On the PPC front, we meticulously craft campaigns, manage budgets efficiently, and continuously optimize to maximize returns. Our goal is not just to attract traffic but to foster genuine connections, turning visitors into loyal customers.

Choose Magnet and get a partner committed to growing your brand, audience, engagement and revenue using data-backed strategy and sustainable tactics.

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Thử thách

TruBlue needed a modern, functional website that provided flexibility for franchise owners while attracting new customers across the brand. A thriving franchise with over 50 national locations, the site had to allow owners to customize their locations in a hassle free way.

Giải pháp

A JAMSTACK approach was the perfect fit, powered by Laravel on the backend, with Nuxt and VueJS powering the frontend, and Sanity as the CMS. Leveraging these technologies, we minimized monthly maintenance costs and created a custom experience for franchise owners to update their location pages.

Kết quả

The new site has been live for 4 months. Lighthouse page performance metrics increased from 16 to 100 overnight. Monthly organic visitors have increased by between 10-40% compared to the previous year. Bounce times have decreased. Keywords are more relevant and continue ranking hire in searches.

Thử thách

Wanamaker's asked Magnet to build a robust thoroughbred horse bidding platform that would combine the magic of a live auction with the convenience of online bidding.

Giải pháp

The solution needed to be modern, dependable and user-friendly, with a robust CMS and powerful, reliable real-time bidding software that would catapult Wanamaker's into the forefront of the online horse auction industry. We developed a custom Laravel, Nuxt and Stripe platform to achieve this.

Kết quả

We met our performance benchmark for the system of 10,000 active bidders within 100ms of each other with no discernible lag. The Wanamaker's website and bidding platform was built and launched in a six month production cycle, and is continuing to attract more customers every month.

Thử thách

Katz Teller is an established law firm, serving the Cincinnati area for over 30 years, and they needed a website that would keep up with the times and maintain their relevance in the industry. The website was outdated and didn't showcase the full range of services offered by the firm.

Giải pháp

We chose to use the Jamstack, combining Vue 3 with Sanity CMS, to provide a scalable solution that was performant, hack-proof and easy for the editorial team at Katz Teller to use. We created SEO copy and implemented best practices and created a performant, user friendly site that spoke to clients.

Kết quả

The new website has lead to an increase in quality traffic, which has led to much more enquiries for the law firm. The new website has helped Katz Teller to maintain their reputation as a professional and reliable law firm in the Cincinnati area.

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