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OrangeTalent - 15+ jaar ervaring

OrangeTalent - 15+ jaar ervaring

Fullservice internetmarketing bureau

Ermelo, Ermelo, Gelderland, Netherlands

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Hoe je beter gevonden wordt? Met slimme zoekmachineoptimalisatie (SEO) en gebruik van goede tools zoals SEMrush. De algoritmes van Google wijzigen vaak. Gelukkig heeft OrangeTalent 15 jaar ervaring en diverse experts in huis die al 500+ sites hoog in de zoekresultaten heeft gekregen. Neem contact op voor een kennismaking. We kijken samen welke stappen we gaan nemen om jouw website te laten uitblinken in zoekmachines.
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De Barbecue Boer and Buffetten Boer has been supplying the Netherlands since 2014. During Covid 19 - everybody went searching for local companies who can deliver at home. So how can we be visible in search engines when there are over more than 1500 local search terms to be found on?

Giải pháp

We created a scalable solution so we can generate unique contentpages filled with local charasteristics. We managed to create over more than 1500 local and unique landingpages in our CMS. We implemented data-sets that made sure that content is always unique with variables, such as placenames.

Kết quả

This custom solution costed about €16.000. The revenue was far more: we realized a revenue of 173.604 and more than 1200 position 1 on local keywords in the Netherlands. The pages that we created generated more than 120.000 organic visitors. A very succesful local SEO strategy!

Thử thách

BoilerGarant supplies electric heaters in B2B and B2C markets. They focus on the Netherlands. The goal was to double organic revenue from 137.500 to 275.000 in one year. Ambitious, but with a smart strategy achievable. We also wanted to reduce phone calls and mail contact for the customer service.

Giải pháp

Based on extensive keyword research (we really left no stone unturned when it came to keyword research) we came up with a content strategy based on customer-segments. Then we created blogs and landingpages based on information-needs. We worked together intensively with customer service from client.

Kết quả

Creating content that really helped solve potential customers their information-needs has resulted in an 176% increase of organic revenue. Customer service has seen a decline in customer contact with 56%. Also, we achieved 163.437 visitors with a blog-strategy from scratch. A true victory!

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