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That PPC Guy

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That PPC Guy is a Google Ads Partner and is Google Ads Certified in Search, Display, Video and Shopping. We manage over $300k/mo. in ad spend for clients across the US in multiple industries including: home services, non-profits, healthcare, automotive, B2B, ecomm, and retail.

Our process starts with auditing existing campaigns, if there are any. We collect keyword research using Google's Keyword planner and tools like SEMrush. Next we audit Google Analytics and make sure events and conversions are set up properly, then import those goals to Google Ads. Before pressing "go" we have a meeting dedicated to setting expectations for the campaign. We communicate weekly and build a custom dashboard for the client using Google Looker Studio.

Technical descriptions aside, we build relationships. We get to know our clients and their objectives and partner with them to make a difference. We do not do contracts, cancel anytime. Our philosophy is, if things are working, you'll stick around. And if a campaign is not working, then it's best to part ways with no hard feelings. We've found working under these conditions keeps everyone motivated, and doesn't allow us (the agency) to sit idly, or focus too much on new clients in stead of the ones we already have.

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