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Listing Management Review Management

The Review Management report lets you monitor your business reputation and take timely measures to maintain it. In this tab, you’ll see all available reviews of your listing in all directories starting from the most recent.

Review Management tab

You can read any review right from the tool. To answer it or just learn more, press the “Open review” button and the system will take you right to the directory where the review is located.

At the top of the Review Management report, you can see the Reply Rate widget for the reviews from Google Business Profile. The widget makes it easy to check if all the reviews you received have a reply. The progress bar is filled to 100% when there are replies to all reviews for the given time period. 

Reply Rate widget
To focus on more positive or more negative reviews, choose the corresponding status at the top of the Reviews table.

Reviews widget

You can leverage AI-generated responses for unanswered replies, which can provide inspiration when you're unsure how to respond to a customer review.
The tool provides automatic suggestions for the initial five reviews without responses in the Review Management section. You can also manually initiate suggestions for specific reviews by using the "Generate draft" button next to the unanswered review you intend to reply to.
Please note that this feature has a daily limit of 25 AI-generated suggestions.

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