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How to Order a Newsletter from Semrush Marketplace

How to Order a Newsletter from Semrush Marketplace

Using the Email Newsletter Writing Service in Content Marketplace, you can order engaging emails that will communicate your marketing message to your target audience. 

How can I order an email? 

1. Go to the Email Newsletter Writing Service page and select the desired word length. The text of your email can be 200, 300, or 400 words. You can also order a custom-length newsletter. 

2. Make a payment for your future email.


3. Fill in the brief.

  • Content language
  • Link to your current domain
  • Information about title requirements
  • Target customer
  • Intended results

Please note: Some fields in the brief are optional, but the more thorough your brief is, the easier it will be for a writer to understand your business, its goal, and your target audience.

You can also fill in the brief in the My Orders section.

4. Within 5 days, you’ll receive your email with a subject and body text. Three rounds of copy revision are included in the price.
Still have questions? Try the Marketplace FAQ page for answers.

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