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Semrush Local’s Google Connector

Listing Management is a Semrush Local tool that syncs your business data across multiple online directories. 

With this tool, users save time by managing their business listings and information in one place without having to visit each directory manually. To learn more about the Listing Management tool and how to use it, visit this article on Listing Management.

What Is the Semrush Local’s Google Connector?

The Semrush Local’s Google Connector helps users connect their locations to Google Business Profiles, one of the most important directories for Local SEO. Previously, these connections were made using 3rd-party solutions. 

Now, Semrush has developed its own connector, which works directly with Google APIs. 

Benefits of the Semrush Local’s Google Connector

This integration eliminates 3rd-party providers from the connection process and provides a more stable connection. 

The Semrush Local’s Google Connector also:

  • Provides access to Google Business Profile Insights report, which gives a plethora of helpful metrics
  • Lets you customize Business metrics to any period and split them into days, weeks or months
  • Lets you choose accurate Google categories and attributes in Listing Management
  • Connects all locations to Google, all at once

The Google Business Profile Insights Report

Getting access to the Google Business Profile Insights report is one of the most important features of the new integration. 

From this report, users can see key metrics fetched from Google Search and Google maps. 

Those metrics include: 

  • Views
  • Actions (direction requests, calls, messages, website visits)
  • Views distribution
  • Average Rating
  • Phone calls distribution by days

Google Insights Report within the Listing Management Tool.

Users will also be able to compare their current performance to a previous period, year, quarter or month to help monitor progress long-term. They can also adjust the time periods to expand their data insights report.

Beginning two months after the initial setup of a location, a generated newsletter with new data from the main searches will be sent to the user every two weeks.

Users will still be able to access these insights from within the Listing Management tool. 

Instruction: How To Reconnect Locations to Google with the New Google Connector

If you have at least one location to reconnect, a notice will pop up in your Listing Management tool displaying a red notification with a button that says “Reconnect now.”
It’s located at the top, near the Overview and Locations tab.

Example of the reconnection notification.

After clicking the green button, there will be a redirect from Semrush to the integration page on Google. 

Choose a relevant Google account and grant access to “See, edit, create, and delete your Google business listings.” 

Click “Allow” to move to the next step.

Example of steps to grant access via Google.

Remember to be accurate while matching locations with Google Business Profiles. 

Double-check information like your business name, city, and address. This is especially important if you have many locations to reconnect and the locations’ business names are very similar.

Pop-up of double-check notification.

Now that you have allowed access to reconnect, you will see the list of locations that need to be reconnected. 
If your locations are grouped in GBP, first select the group.

The settings pop-up screen shows the group being selected.

Then, use a drop-down that allows you to choose the matching business profile. 

The settings pop-up screen shows the matching business profile.

Note: Make sure this is the right location. Any confusion on Google’s end may result in a business profile suspension put in place by Google.

After selecting the correct location, make sure all locations display a success status. There will be a green check mark that tells you your connection has been successful. 

If you do not see a green check mark, you may see an error message with details on how to fix the issues.

Select the green “Got it” button, and you’ve successfully reconnected your listing.

Pop-up showing connected locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not lose your reviews if your Google Business Profile is missing them. After the reconnection, information may be temporarily misplaced as we add new information. It may take a few hours to see your reviews restored.
No, User Suggestions for Google are not available at this time. However, we hope to see this feature in the future. 

No, at this moment you cannot distribute photos and attributes from your Google Business Profile over other directories via Listing Management.

The current iteration of the New Google Connector doesn’t sync photos and attributes, but we are working on the next phase to make sure this works properly in the future. 

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