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Keyword Magic tool

Global Updates to Search Volume Machine Learning Algorithm

By adding new sources of data into our algorithm, we can predict reliable search volumes more consistently. Read more...

SEMrush: Global Updates to Search Volume Machine Learning Algorithm hình ảnh 1

Semrush Launches Upgraded Keyword Difficulty Metric

As of today, the new and improved keyword difficulty (KD%) metric is available across all of Semrush. Read more...SEMrush: Semrush Launches Upgraded Keyword Difficulty Metric hình ảnh 1

Keyword Research: All Recent Improvements and How They Work Together

We have devoted the last months to UX and UI by combining all keyword research tools into one ecosystem. Now we are pleased to inform you about how to better navigate around the tools while picking up keywords. Read more…

SEMrush keyword research tools in one ecosystem

Keyword Research: New, More Efficient Workflow

Whether you are analyzing the competition, writing a blog post, or planning a PPC campaign, you start with researching keywords, and you’ll find an abundance of them in the SEMrush database. To ease your routine, we’ve introduced some incredibly helpful changes into the keyword research tools. Read more...

Keyword Research: New, More Efficient Workflow

Keyword Database: Over 30% Increase

We remember the day in 2017 when we joyfully informed you that the Keyword Magic tool database exceeds       2 billion keywords, but can you imagine that with this update the US base alone began to contain more than          2 billion keywords? We are so happy and proud of this. And not only the US database, each country’s database increased. Read more...

Keyword Database - Over 30% Increase

SEMrush Revamped Stats Page

Living in the information world we refer to statistics on many occasions. We use facts and figures to back up our business decisions or to confirm the credibility of a prospective partner. That’s why we at SEMrush care so much about the relevancy of our stats. Read more...

SEMrush: SEMrush Revamped Stats Page hình ảnh 1

Keyword Magic Tool: The Biggest Database on the Market!

Today we have a very special cause for celebration. This update is set to blow your mind. You’re now all set to build the most profitable SEO or PPC campaign as our big hitter, the Keyword Magic tool, is more high-powered than ever before. We have increased not only the quantity but also the quality of the collected data. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking off! Read more...

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Keyword Magic Tool: Keyword Database Update

Ready to broaden your keyword research? Today we’ve implemented 62 new country databases in Keyword Magic Tool, аn easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides all the keywords you need to build your most profitable SEO or PPC campaign. Read more...

Keyword Magic Tool database update

Keyword Magic Tool: Keyword Database Update

The more keywords that are available for keyword research, the more ideas you get for your articles and SEO or PPC campaign to beat the competition. With this in mind, we’ve expanded our Keyword Magic tool’s databases - our total number of keywords now exceeds 3.2 billion! Read more...

Keyword Magic tool keyword database update 3.2 bn banner

Keyword Magic Tool: Find Question Keywords

Great news for keyword researchers — Keyword Magic tool now allows you to find question-based keywords that contain your seed keyword in just one click! Read more...

Keyword Magic Tool Find Question Keywords banner