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My Reports tool

White-Label Improvements and Themes in My Reports

If you’re using Agency Growth Kit, you’re in luck, because automatic report-sending in My Reports just got even better. We’ve added brand new white-label customization opportunities and design themes. Read more...

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Free Interactive Demo in Client Portal

This fresh update is fully inspired by your valuable feedback, for which we are deeply grateful! We have recently enhanced the Сlient Portal functionality with a new feature, giving you access to the Client Portal free demo page. It allows you to see what's inside the product from the agency client’s perspective. Read more...

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Client Portal in the Agency Growth Kit

The Agency Growth Kit keeps gaining momentum! Today we’re presenting a new feature inside the CRM Tool, Client Portal, set to help agencies streamline one of their most demanding and time-consuming workflows – reporting. Read more...

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Agency Growth Kit: A New Toolset to Boost Your Agency Results

Thousands of marketing and SEO agencies already use SEMrush to deliver outstanding results to their clients. And we’re always doing our best to help them along the way.

We’re happy to present the Agency Growth Kit - the first SEMrush agency-tailored add-on helping our users find, win and retain more clients! Read more...

Agency Growth Kit

Google Ads Report Template In 5 Easy Steps

Building a PPC report from scratch and keeping it updated can be challenging. This is why you need a template to make your life easier. Learn how to create your own Google Ads report template in Semrush with our new PPC report widgets that display metrics directly from Google Ads. Read more...My Reports news banner

My Reports: Share Your Templates

The best teamwork often comes from people who are working independently toward one united goal. The collaborative work on your SEMrush projects is even better now that we have implemented a new feature in My Reports: you can create and share your report templates with other users. Read more...

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Automate Your Monthly Competitor Analysis with a New Template in My Reports

You had to check on your rivals last month, and you'll have to do it again this month. With the new Competitor Analysis template in My Reports, you will do this job perfectly and won’t spend an extra minute on repetitive tasks. Read more...

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Position Tracking: Export the Landscape Report to PDF

Welcome to our regular column, ‘You wanted it, you got it.’ More and more users are finding the Position Tracking tool extremely profitable and useful, so it’s no surprise that we're getting a lot of requests to improve its functionality, including the export feature. Read more...

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Google My Business Report: Get Insights for your Business Listing

If you want your company to be found online by your target audience, you’ll need to use Google My Business. With SEMrush you can now create a Google My Business report to collect all your GMB insights about your local business listing and key metrics in one place. Read more... 

Google My Business report

Google Search Console Data in My Reports

SEMrush’s very own My Reports service is developing constantly as we keep adding new data sources so that you can create perfect analytical reports. And the new source we’ve recently added is a really special one. It’s been a long time coming, and finally you’re able to add to your reports the widgets providing data from Google Search Console – an indispensable tool for marketers. Read more...My reports GSC banner