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On Page SEO Checker

Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results with SEO Ideas

We’ve continued working on SERP Features ideas for the SEO Ideas tool, and we are excited to enrich it with a new idea on how to get your landing page into Google’s review snippet and obtain rating stars. Read more... Get star ratings in google search results with SEO Ideas banner

Get into Google's Featured Snippets with SEO Ideas

With the recent update, SEO Ideas will provide you with an idea of how your landing page can get into a featured snippet, as well as give you detailed data on all the keywords and competitors that are already ranking in featured snippets, in case you want more in-depth analysis. Read more...

SEO Ideas Strategy ideas for getting into Featured Snippets banner

SEO Ideas: Full Google Search Console Integration

You probably already know that the SEO Ideas tool allows you to import keyword and page pairs from the Search Analytics report in your Google Search Console (GSC) account. We really hope that you enjoy this feature and find it handy. So, what’s new? Read more...

SEO Ideas Full Google Search Console Integration banner

SEO Ideas: Google Search Console Integration

We are happy to announce yet another SEMrush SEO Ideas enhancement — integration with Google Search Console (GSC), a vital tool for site performance monitoring. GSC allows you to see the landing page and keyword pairs with the highest number of clicks, which generate the most traffic to your site. Read more...

SEMrush: SEO Ideas: Google Search Console Integration hình ảnh 1

SEO Ideas: Improve Your Content’s Readability

We’re happy to present a new idea for our SEO Ideas tool: ‘Readability’. It will allow you to figure out how difficult your online text is to read. Read more...

SEMrush: SEO Ideas: Improve Your Content’s Readability hình ảnh 1

SEO Ideas: GA Data To Track Users Behavior

It’s no secret that User Experience is an important ranking factor for search engines. Luckily, Google Analytics provides one of the best ways to monitor user behavior. So here’s our new SEO Ideas feature: Google-Analytics-Based IdeasRead more... 

SEMrush: SEO Ideas: GA Data To Track Users Behavior hình ảnh 1

SEO Ideas: Let Them See More

Good ideas will come to life and become visible. Our new feature will help you make sure your content is seen.

We are always looking for better ways to make our content more attractive. And we know that everybody likes watching videos. So, meet the new Video Ideas feature! It shows which piece of content needs video support. Read more...

SEMrush: SEO Ideas: Let Them See More hình ảnh 1

SEO Ideas: the Single Page Re-Crawl feature

SEO Ideas is proving to be very popular with a lot of our users. And for that reason, we keep improving the tool’s usability. Among our most recent additions to the SEO Ideas tool is the Single Page Re-Crawl feature. Read more...


SEO Ideas: Content Length

We've recently updated our SEO Ideas tool with a new idea that allows you to compare the word count on your webpages to that of your rivals. Read more...

Content Length Idea preview picture

SEO Ideas: Statistics Report

The latest update to SEO Ideas introduced a new 'Statistics' report that provides users with a detailed overview of their webpage optimization campaign. Read more...

SEO Ideas statistics report news preview picture