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SEOquake: SEO Audit on the Go!

We’re excited to share amazing news: you can now use SEOquake from your iPhone or iPad. You can find our new app in the App Store by searching for "seoquake go" – that's what it's called. Read more...

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SEOquake: Google Algorithm Updates in Search Console

Is it any wonder that our magnificent and extremely useful SEOquake is snowballing? We continue to receive your positive reviews and comments – a good reason to keep developing this service. This time we're offering the ability to track the latest Google algorithm updates using our Notes feature right in Google Search Console (GSC) charts. Read more...

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SEOquake: More Valuable Data

Good news! Three new reports have been embedded in SEOquake to deliver the best analytical results! Read more...

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SEOquake: Estimate Keyword Difficulty Instantly

A new SEOquake feature is now available: Keyword Difficulty! You might have already seen this metric in SEMrush reports. The Keyword Difficulty score has been designed to help you estimate how much effort it will take to seize your competitors’ positions in organic search for a particular keyword. Read more...

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SEOquake: 7 Languages

Great news! SEOquake has finally become multilingual. It now supports 7 languages. Read more...

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SEOquake: SEMrush Integration

It’s finally happened! SEOquake and SEMrush are ready to combine their efforts to provide you with effective SEO optimization. Read more...

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SEOquake: New SEObar Design

Check out the new SEOquake update: our enhanced SEObar design. It’s been a long time 
coming, and we hope you like it! Read more... 

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SEOquake: Mobile Compliance Updates

We know it’s been awhile since we last reached out with any updates. And we’re sure you've missed them. So here it is — if you were able to join the AMP movement, you can now audit AMP versions of your website’s pages in SEOquake. Read more...

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SEOquake 3.4.0 Update

SEOquake, our free browser extension that displays detailed SEO parameters for any webpage on the fly, has been updated to version 3.4.0. This update introduces several usability improvements as well as a couple of curious new features! Read more...

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SEOquake 3.2.0 Update

We are happy to announce the release of a new update to SEOquake - our free browser extension, which displays detailed SEO parameters for any webpage on the fly. This update to version 3.2.0 introduces a major user interface improvement along with a couple of usability upgrades.

If you've never used SEOquake before and would like to learn more about it, please consult the corresponding article on our website. Otherwise, keep reading to see what's new in SEOquake 3.2.0! Read more...

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