News Alerts: Track Press Coverage and Backlinks Across the Web for Your Brand, Competitors, and More

October 14, 2022image

The internet is constantly talking about your business, competitors, and topics of interest. News sites, blogs, industry publications – the list is endless. 


How do you stay on top of all mentions that matter to you and assess their value? And if you’re actively trying to get covered by the media, how do you find out which publications your brand appeared in and what people are saying about it?

What is the News Alerts App?

News Alerts is a media monitoring tool provided by Prowly that can be found in Semrush App Center. By entering the keywords that you want to track, News Alerts provides mentions of your brand, competitors, and more from news sites across the web.

Users are able to set up custom alerts, apply advanced filters to get relevant results and get detailed information about each mention. News Alerts comes with a powerful dashboard that includes numerous insightful charts and graphs to fully analyze the value of mentions.


Make the most out of News Alerts

Use the News Alerts app to track all your brand mentions across the web, estimate the value of your media coverage, and much more.

Set up detailed queries to track brands (yours, competitors’, or others'), people, keywords, authors, or backlinks. News Alert will find mentions for your query from news sites and many more, which you can filter in multiple ways to see relevant results, without the extra noise.

The News Alerts app can also be used to find relevant articles and authors for SEO and PR outreach by searching for keywords and topics that you're interested in.

Each news hit contains a variety of insightful metrics that you can use as a filter or assess the value of each mention, such as:

  • sentiment
  • domain authority
  • estimated reach
  • date
  • backlinks

You can use these metrics to estimate the value of your media coverage or find hidden opportunities to secure additional backlinks to your website.

Additionally, you can ensure you’re only seeing the most relevant mentions by using filters such as:

  • language
  • country
  • article category
  • domain category
  • and more

Set up custom alerts in the app to get notified by email every time a new mention appears. Use this knowledge to quickly react to mentions with a negative sentiment or unexpected spikes.

Last but not least, the News Alerts app allows you to analyze your mentions with an intuitive dashboard containing multiple charts, such as:

  • mentions over time
  • mentions by country
  • categories of mentions
  • and much more

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