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Content SEO
Does Marketplace optimize content for SEO?
Yes, all web content Marketplace delivers is SEO-optimized – our partners ensure each important element of a blog article, web copy, product description, ebook, or infographic is properly optimized for your keywords. You can either provide target keywords with your brief, or our content partners can suggest them, based on your topic.
Will you help me find keywords for my content?
Yes. For each topic you specify in the brief, our content partners run basic keyword research to suggest the most popular keywords. Additionally, in each brief, in the 'Advanced Details' - 'Suggested Keywords' section, you can also add a list of your own keywords.
How can I find keywords for my content on my own?
You can use Semrush tools to find and analyze the most suitable keywords for your content (7-day free trial included). Read this article for more info.
Сan I check how my copy is optimized for SEO?
To check your copy’s Search Engine Optimization score, you can use Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (7-day free trial included), or use any other 3rd party tool for that purpose.
Content Quality
Will the content I order be 100% original and unique?
Any content our partners deliver is 100% unique, written for your specific business needs and goals.
How can I check the content for plagiarism?
All content delivered by Semrush Marketplace is 100% original. If you are a Semrush user, you can check any copy with SEO Writing Assistant, and see its originality score. You can also verify this with third-party online tools, like Grammarly or DupliChecker.
Is the content checked in terms of grammar, syntax, etc.?
Yes, it is. All content delivered by Semrush Marketplace partners passes a proofreading stage, where all the grammar, syntax, and style are checked and verified.
Who are your writers?
Semrush Marketplace has partnered with leading content partners to create a pool of diverse creative content talent. We've brought together the expertise of vetted content copywriters, editors, SEO experts, designers, and exceptional customer support into one easy-to-use yet powerful platform.
Do you have writers that are experts in particular niches?
We do. Our content partners have diverse and proven expertise in creating content for various businesses, industries, and niches. Right after you submit a brief, we'll instantly match your request with a writer who has already covered similar topics and has knowledge about the specifics of your business type, industry, or niche.
Can I check your writers' portfolios?
We intentionally avoid presenting writers' portfolios on our website. Our goal is to save you the time and effort you would usually invest in searching for writers, browsing through numerous portfolios, vetting, and onboarding – Marketplace instantly matches you with the best-suited writer. We also white-label all delivered content to eliminate any writers' personal branding aspects. Your brand messaging and your content marketing goals are in the center.
Will my content be aligned with our brand's tone of voice?
Yes, it will. All you need to do is to specify your brand's tone of voice while submitting a creative brief.
Where can I see examples of your work?
Currently, we present examples of content delivered by Semrush Marketplace on our service pages. This means that if you want to check articles, you can go to the article writing page; if you want to check product descriptions, you will find them on the product description writing page - the same goes for email newsletters, press releases, website copy, or ebooks. In the near future, we will launch a separate page dedicated to examples of the content we deliver.
Content Copyrights
Can I white-label your content?
Yes. Semrush Marketplace doesn’t take credit for any content it delivers – you own all your content, forever. You can resell it, publish it on any media, use this content for any intent, distribute it across various channels – all under your or your company name. Please visit this page for details.
Content Languages
What languages are available for ordering content?
At the moment, you can order content in British and American English only.
Content Payments
Do you charge prior to content delivery?
Yes, we do. Like the majority of content writing companies, we charge in advance for one-time or bulk content orders. This is done to cover the platform’s operational and maintenance expenses, and our content partners' labor. Once your payment information has gone through, we'll go ahead and assign your content to an expert writer.
Where can I check my prepaid orders?
You can check your prepaid orders under ‘My Account’ - ‘Workspace Settings’ - ‘Prepaid Orders’. Any time you run out of credit, the system will notify you during the next brief submission.
How do I pay for recurring orders?
To have your recurring orders processed, you need to pre-order the required number of articles. If you don't have pre-paid article orders, your brief will not be submitted and remain pending. You can check your prepaid orders under ‘My Account’ - ‘Workspace Settings’ - ‘Prepaid Orders’.
How can I change a credit card associated with my profile to a new one?
To change credit card details for your account, you just need to enter new card information the next time you submit a brief with Marketplace. This way, the system will automatically update your billing details for subsequent orders. No further actions are required. Note that if you have pre-paid orders, you won’t be requested to fill out your credit card details until you run out of the purchased limits.
Content Trials
Can I test your service and get free content?
Generally, we don't offer content for free. However, sometimes, we may run special offer campaigns. Check for updates on our website for more info.
What are the Premium Plan benefits?
With the Premium Plan, users get access to a whole set of Marketplace features for content management. Also, you can order any content with a 10% discount, order unlimited content revisions, and invite teammates or customers to collaborate on content in one workspace.
What are the subscription costs?
Visit this page for more info about the subscription costs.
Where can I find information about my subscription billing?
The Subscription Billing Information can be found under your User's Account - Workspace Settings. From there, you can check the Subscription status and the Premium Plan expiration date.
What if I unsubscribe before my monthly due date?
You’ll also be able to use all the Premium features (your projects, workspaces, templates, unlimited revisions, etc.) until the next payment due date. After this date, these features won't be available until you extend the subscription.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can unsubscribe at any time under My Account - Workspace Settings - Subscription - click on the arrow next to the subscription status and select the Unsubscribe option.
What will happen if I cancel my subscription?
All your projects, workspaces, and templates will remain saved on our servers – we’ll keep them as long as your Marketplace user account is active. You’ll be able to access them again as soon as you resubscribe to the Premium Plan.
Trial Subscriptions
How long will my trial subscription last?
Premium Plan Subscription trial period lasts for 14 days.
Will I be charged automatically at the end of the trial?
If you have placed some orders with Marketplace and added your billing details, you'll be automatically charged for the subscription extension. If you haven't placed any orders with us, you'll be asked to provide your credit card details to extend the subscription. In any case, you'll be notified about the upcoming charge by email 24 hours in advance.
Are there any restrictions in the trial subscription?
No, there are no restrictions. With the free Premium Plan Trial, you get access to all Marketplace Premium features for 2 weeks.
Can I extend the Premium Plan trial?
Normally, we don't extend the Premium Plan trials. However, we review each request individually. If for some reason you were unable to take advantage of the Premium Plan, please contact our support team to discuss possible options.
Can I cancel the order and get a refund?
Trying Semrush Content Marketplace is absolutely risk-free – we do our best to provide you with the content that best suits your business goals. However, if you're not happy with the delivered content, don't accept it in your account (under My Orders) and contact us to request a refund. Please follow this link to learn more details about our Refund Policy.
Content type
What type of content can I order?
You can order Articles (blog or news), Press Releases, Web Content (service pages, about us pages, etc.), Email Content (newsletters, email campaigns, etc.), Product Descriptions (ecommerce listings), Ebooks (including whitepapers, research papers, guides, reports, etc.) and Infographics. Visit this page for more info.
Placing an Order
Can I request a custom image related to my article?
With every article order, we provide you with a royalty-free image to use that matches your article topic.
Can I request several images for my article?
Currently, we don't offer multiple images with article orders. But, if you're a premium plan subscriber, you can use any image from our Media Stock library, royalty-free.
Can I request a content piece with faster delivery?
Can I reorder content from an author who wrote for me before?
Yes. Premium Plan users can star content orders, which adds writers to their 'Favorite Authors' list. You can also reorder from the same author by clicking the star with a plus icon located to the right of each order. This option is available for articles only.
Tell me more about the licensing of the image included with the article.
Images provided with your article order are royalty-free. That means you can use this image without the need to attribute the source.
Recurring Orders
Can I automatically order content/place recurring orders?
Yes. Premium plan users can create recurring orders by selecting the 'Template' option in the ‘My Orders’ section and then set up the delivery frequency.
Content Timeframes
What are the timeframes for my content to be ready?
You can check the delivery times on each product page in the 'Content delivery schedule' section.
How will I know that my content is written and ready for review?
Once an order reaches a process milestone, you will receive an email (or SMS, if you enabled that option) notification, making you aware that an order is ready for review.
How many content revisions are allowed?
With every order, you get three revisions. If you're a Premium Plan user, you may request unlimited revisions.
What if I don’t like the content piece?
You may request changes to the text according to your brief, and our content partners will implement them. Please note that with a Free plan, you can request three revisions of the delivered content. If you're a Premium plan user, you can request unlimited revisions.
Can I order from the same author?
Yes, on completing your order, you will be asked if you would like to order another piece from the same author. If you have a Marketplace Premium subscription, you can order an article from your favorite author any time in the ‘My Orders’ table.
Can I pay for articles in bulk?
You can make bulk payments for an unlimited number of content pieces in just one transaction. This option is available both for Marketplace Premium Plan subscribers and Free Plan users.
Can I group orders for a domain or topic?
Yes, with the Projects feature, you can conveniently group your orders associated with a certain domain or a topic. This feature is available with the Premium subscription.
Team collaboration
Can I invite my teammates to collaborate on a content project?
Yes, with the Premium Subscription, you can invite up to three people to your Workspace to collaborate on your content projects.
Can I share content with my colleagues and clients?
You can share content with your colleagues or clients via a white-label link if you have the Marketplace Premium subscription. This option is available for articles, press releases, web copies, ebooks and infographics.
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