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Free AI Title Generator

Generate dozens of catchy headlines for your website or blog.
Get actionable, SEO-friendly title ideas and boost organic traffic.

Enter a topic to collect.

For example: how to create good content

Enter a topic to collect. For example: how to create good content

What Can You Do with AI Title Generator?

AI Title Generator is a totally free title maker, designed by Semrush to help you find
creative title ideas.

Create the Perfect Title for Your New Blog Post

Generate dozens of relevant AI headline suggestions in just a click and get high-performing content ideas for your blog.

Elevate Your Content with Catchy, Diverse AI Headlines

Use AI to set your content up for success with creative, attention-grabbing blog post titles.

Rank Higher with Our Blog Title Generator

Use the SEO title generator by Semrush to come up with search- and user-friendly headlines for your blog.

Generate New Title Ideas for Your Content Calendar

Enter a topic you’d like to cover, and get suggestions for original articles that include How-To’s, Guides, Listicles, and more.

Why Use AI Title Generator by Semrush?

Our free AI headline generator helps you save time and boost engagement with ease.

Lead more eyes to your content with high-quality headlines.

Come up with high-potential AI headlines with the best tone of voice for your audience.

Design and enrich your content plan, with diverse blog titles and related content ideas.

How Does AI Title Generator Work?

AI Title Generator is totally free, with no limits. Use it to create as many titles as you want.

Enter your idea.


  • A high-level topic relevant to your audience
  • Your target keyword
  • A question or skill you’re teaching your audience about

AI Title Generator will automatically deliver creative blog and SEO title suggestions in a variety of formats, including:

  • How-To and Guide titles
  • Listicle titles
  • Question titles
  • Others

Pick your favorite options to add to your content plan, copy or download them as a spreadsheet.

Click on related ideas and generate new title ideas for each one.

BONUS: Choose your favorite title and generate an SEO-friendly blog post

Select a headline of your preference, get a quick AI summary of this content idea and click “Generate your article”. You will be transferred to ContentShake AI–a Semrush tool that creates ready-to-rank content powered by AI and data.

Use Cases of Semrush’s AI Title Generator

Here’s how our blog and SEO title generator can help you out.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Generate titles optimized for relevant keywords to improve your search ranking and organic traffic

  • Social content creation

    Write attention-grabbing headlines to share content on social media and drive engagement.

  • Content marketing

    Craft compelling headlines that stand out in a crowded content landscape and attract more readers.

  • Marketing and advertising

    Craft powerful headlines for marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and boost conversions.

  • Blogging

    Create engaging blog post titles that entice readers to click and keep them hooked throughout the article.

  • Any other content

    Use the AI Title Generator for any content creation need, from email subject lines to video titles.

How To Choose a Good Content Title

Need a catchy headline, but not sure where to start? We’ve all been there. Find the answers to your burning questions, or refresh yourself on the basics below!


How Does AI Title Generator Work?

AI Title Generator is powered by AI. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest catchy, relevant titles for your blog posts, articles, landing pages, or other content. It also suggests related topics you might want to target.

Why Should I Use AI Title Generator?

AI Title Generator suggest dozens of original titles in just a click. Speed up your brainstorming process, generate new blog post ideas, or create the perfect headline for an existing project.

How Does the Free AI Headline Generator Work?

It’s simple! Just enter your topic or keyword and watch our AI generate a variety of SEO-friendly and attention-grabbing title options. Choose your favorites and refine them for the perfect fit! You can then generate more titles for each suggested idea and check related searches for your inspiration

How Much Does AI Title Generator Cost?

AI Title Generator is free to use, with no limits. Generate as many titles as you want, and share them with your teammates and writers.

Who Owns the Generated Text?

You do! You’re free to use any title you generate in your own work.

What Languages Are Supported?

Currently, AI Title Generator is available in English.

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