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Site Audit

Run an SEO analysis to uncover the highest-priority technical issues

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Crawl and check every page on your website

Everything you need to implement an SEO strategy

Get prioritised list of issues & recommendations

  • Semrush shows you where to fix the most critical issues and breaks up your to-do list into sections
  • Learn more in the “why and how to fix” tips

Share the list of issues and set up tasks

  • Export your list of issues to CSV or XLSX
  • Customize your own white-label PDFs and set up regular reporting
  • Delegate tasks to teammates
  • Build your integration via Zapier or API

Schedule SEO analysis with ease

  • Receive a daily or weekly email update with any major changes found to stay informed before your online positioning suffers
  • Follow the trend of every error, warning, and notice and report your progress

Hone in on specific areas to improve

Core Web Vitals

Google trusts these metrics to judge page experience. How do your site’s web vitals perform?

Site Performance

Are the pages loading fast enough? Where and how can you optimize for speed?


Is your site secure and does it follow all HTTPS guidelines?


What structured data markups are added on what pages? Are there any mistakes?

Internal Linking

Are the pages on your site easy to navigate via internal links?

International SEO

Which pages have multiple language versions and are there any coding problems?


How does a search bot see your site? What prevents it from crawling the entire site?

Analyze your site

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  • In Site Audit, your SEO score is presented as a Site Health Score. This score is based on a huge range of technical issues, including (but not limited to): status codes, meta tags, internal and external linking errors, structured data, and Javascript and CSS errors.

  • Site Audit can identify an extended list of technical issues to provide you with a full SEO analysis of your website, including the crawlability and indexability of your website, the structure of your content, the user experience, and its compatibility with mobile devices. You can see a full list of the issues covered here.

  • Each month, free users can crawl up to 100 pages per audit (and 100 per month overall); Pro users 20,000 pages per audit (100,000 overall); Guru users 20,000 pages per audit (300,000 overall); and Business users 100,000 per audit (1m overall).

  • The amount of time it takes for our bots to crawl your website depends on the number of pages on your site, and your crawl-delay setting. If your site has a lot of external links and images, it can take some time to finish your audit.