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How is ImpactHero different from Google Analytics?

How is ImpactHero different from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics offers tremendous opportunities for analyzing in-depth detail about the visitors on your website to help you shape the success strategy of your business. 

While developing ImpactHero, we were thinking about the needs and challenges which content marketers have to face. As a result, we have created a smart analytics tool with narrowly focused functionality and an intuitive interface. 

Key differences 

1. ImpactHero offers unique metrics, which you can use to estimate the effectiveness of your content: Impact Score, Page Potential, Engagement Score. Google Analytics doesn’t have any similar metrics. 

2. ImpactHero provides AI-based insights which allows you not to spend time analyzing raw data, whereas, in Google Analytics you have to analyze data by yourself. 

3. The further development of ImpactHero involves broadening of available features in the direction of content marketing (e.g. Grouping content in order to identify the most impactful copies.)

4. ImpactHero can break down content at the journey stage (attraction, impact, conversion) and show the most effective pages (in terms of this current stage.)

5. ImpactHero allows you to compare the effectiveness of different content types. 

6. ImpactHero takes into account 100% of incoming data, whereas Google Analytics uses sampled data.

7. We are always ready to deliver technical support to help you solve any question related to your experience with ImpactHero.

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