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Listing Management Duplicates tab

Listing Management Duplicates tab

You will see if you have any duplicate listings in the Duplicates section. These statuses are possible duplicates, processing, suppressed, and unable to suppress.

Example of the Duplicates tab.

Possible Duplicates: Suggested Duplicates that are a close match to your listing. (Not All Suggestions are Duplicates) If the business suggested is not your business, select “Not a Duplicate”. In order to suppress a listing, it must be a business you manage. You are unable to suppress a competitor. The tool is only able to suppress a possible duplicate if the location matches in 2/3 of the main data points (Business Name, Address, and Phone number). If they do not match in 2/3 data points, it will display "Unable to Suppress".

Processing: The system is processing the suppression. Please allow for up to 72 hours to process a suppression. If remains processing after this time frame, please contact local-support@semrush.com.  

Suppressed: The listing is suppressed and will now redirect to your active listing.

Unable to Suppress: The location is not a close enough match to suppress. We will require further documents in order to push through the suppression. Please provide one of the following documents to local-support@semrush.com. The document must come from the location you are attempting to suppress and contain outdated information matching the one in duplicated listing. It must match 2/3 of the main data points.

Acceptable Documents:

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Utility bill (electric, gas, telephone, internet, etc.)
  3. Magazine mailed to your location
  4. Official documents on state or federal letterhead
  5. Business Card

Please note that in Canada and the majority of European countries, the Listing Management tool will automatically find duplicates of your locations across all connected directories – no action is required from your side.

The system not only automatically detects duplicates, but also suppresses them. Use the Duplicates tab to keep track of the progress. 

A red rectangle highlights the Duplicates tab.

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