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Canadian Taxes FAQ

Canadian Taxes FAQ

Semrush may need to collect Goods and Services Tax (GST), Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), Provincial Sales Tax (PST), Quebec Sales Tax (QST), or Retail Sales Tax (RST), depending on your province or territory.

  • Goods and Services tax (GST): A federal-level tax primarily applicable to goods and/or services that are bought and sold for use or consumption within Canada. GST is separate and is collected at a rate of 5% in addition to the PST, which is a provincial level sales tax. Learn more about GST.
  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST): A combined federal and province-level tax applied only to participating provinces in Canada. The tax rate can differ depending on the province. Learn more about HST.
  • Provincial Sales Tax (PST): A province-level tax imposed by British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. The PST is collected separately and in addition to the GST. Manitoba’s Provincial Sales Tax is known as Retail Sales Tax (RST). Quebec’s Provincial Sales Tax is known as Quebec Sales Tax (QST).
Semrush will collect GST/HST/PST/RST/QST on all customers whose billing address is located in Canada. You can check or add your address in the Billing info tab. If necessary, you can update your postal code which will automatically change your province/territory in the billing details. 

GST Only

  • Alberta (5% GST)
  • Nunavut (5% GST)
  • Northwest Territories (5% GST)
  • Yukon (5% GST)

HST Only

  • Ontario (13%)
  • New Brunswick (15%)
  • Newfoundland (15%)
  • Nova Scotia (15%)
  • Prince Edward Island (15%)


  • British Columbia (5% GST + 7% PST)
  • Manitoba (5% GST + 7% RST)
  • Quebec (5% GST + 9.97% QST)
  • Saskatchewan (5% GST + 6% PST)

You can be exempted from paying the taxes if you provide:

To add your GST/HST/QST number, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in your Semrush account.
  2. Under My Profile, choose Subscription Info, then navigate to the Billing info tab.
    An example of the Subscription Info with Billing Info tab open.
  3. Under Billing info, choose to edit your Billing info and enter the number in the Business number field.
    An example of Billing Information window open, with a field for a Business number highlighted with red.
  4. Enter your number and click Save.

Business Number format to be added to your Billing Info page:


9 digits (business number) + 2 letters (program identifier code) + 4 digits (reference number)

Format Example: 123456789RT0001.


10 digits + TQ + 4 digits

Format Example: 1234567899TQ0001


Please note that we are obliged to collect tax for the following provinces even if you provide a valid Business number, unless you provide a PST/RST exemption certificate.

  • PST-BC (British Columbia)

    PST + 8 digits
    Format Example: PST-1234-5678

  • PST-SK (Saskatchewan)

    7 digits
    Format Example: 1234567

  • RST (Manitoba)

    7 digits
    Format Example: 123456-1

You can add your GST/HST/QST number at any time. Adding it before the next recurring payment will exempt you from GST/HST/QST charges on that invoice and all future invoices, as long as the number remains valid.
You can provide a valid PST/RST exemption certificate covering the service period at any time. Please send it to our Customer Support Team. Providing a PST/RST exemption certificate will exempt you from PST/RST charges on all future invoices, as long as the business number remains valid.
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