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Connecting Facebook and Google Business Profile to Semrush Local

Connecting Facebook and Google Business Profile to Semrush Local

Are you having trouble connecting Facebook or Google Business Profile to Semrush’s Local suite of tools?

Facebook and Google Business Profile are two of the most important citations for a business because of their popularity across all industries. For that reason, it’s extremely important that your business gets its citations correct on Facebook and Google Business Profile.

Necessary Permissions
To connect to Google Business Profile, you need a Google account with the Google Business Profile Owner role assigned for the location of interest.

For Facebook, you need a personal Facebook account assigned as an Editor (or Admin) role for your Facebook Business page.

Connect Google Business Profile

To Connect Google Business Profile, you will need to have access to the Google Account associated with the Google Business Profile listing. If you need access to a client’s Google Business Profile account, follow these steps.

1. In Listing Management > Locations, select your business location card and click “Edit my Business info.” Scroll to the Google Business Profile section and press the “Connect” button.

Google Business Profile information within Edit Location.

2. Now, you will be redirected from Semrush to the integration page on Google.

Choose a relevant Google account and grant access to “See, edit, create, and delete your Google business listings.”

Click “Allow” to move to the next step.

Example of the the integration page on Google.

If you do not have a Google Business Profile listing for this business yet, follow Google’s instructions to create it, and then connect to Semrush Local.

3. Remember to be accurate while matching locations with Google Business Profiles.

Double-check information like your business name, city, and address. This is especially important if you have many locations to reconnect and the locations’ business names are very similar.

Pop-up reminding the user to double-check the information.

4. Now that you have allowed access to reconnect, you will see the list of locations that need to be reconnected.
If your locations are grouped in GBP, first select the group.

The settings pop-up screen shows the group being selected.

Then, use the drop-down that allows you to choose the matching business profile.The settings pop-up screen shows the matching business profile.

Note: Make sure this is the right location. Any confusion on Google’s end may result in a business profile suspension put in place by Google.

Please note that the GBP status may show as unavailable for 24 hours after the initial connection. 

Connect Facebook

Follow these steps to connect a Facebook account to Listing Management. 

1. In Listing Management > Locations, select your business location card and click “Edit my Business info.” Find the “Connect” button for Facebook and click on it. Facebook information within Edit Location.

2. Click “Connect to Facebook”.

Where to connect to Facebook.

3. If you see the Facebook account that has access to the location, click on “Continue as …” or login to the correct account by clicking on “Log in to another account”. 

Select the correct Facebook account.

4. Next, you have the option to link an Instagram professional account. Then press “Next”.

A pop-up showing the option to link an Instagram professional account.

5. Select what pages you would like to use and press “Next”.

The list of Facebook pages to connect.

6. Select what Listings will be allowed to do using the toggles. Please keep in mind that Listings may not work correctly if these options are turned off. Then press “Done”. 

The list of options to select.

7. Done! You’ve linked Listings to Facebook! Press the “OK” button to close the pop-up.

The final page shows that the account has been linked.

If you are still running into any issues, please contact us at local-support@semrush.com.

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