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Traffic Analytics Audience Insights Report

The Audience Insights tab allows you to compare the audiences of any chosen websites. With this report, you can understand:

  • How your competitors’ audiences overlap with yours
  • The size of the relevant audience that you have not reached yet
  • How the audience of your potential co-marketing partner or business partner matches with yours
  • How many people visit the chosen websites
  • How to compare the size and intersection of the competitors in the niche or market

In the Audience Insights report, you can enter up to 5 domains to compare. Once you enter the domains, you’ll first encounter the Audience graph, which displays an age and gender breakdown of your chosen domains’ audiences.

Audience Insights Audience report

Next, you will see the Audience Overlap graph. This will display each of the domains' audiences and where they overlap with each other. You can specify the period (month and year) in the top menu, as well as switch between desktop, mobile, and all devices traffic.

Traffic Analytics Audience Insights Report image 2

Please note that this report shows data for one specific country, and some widgets in this report show data only for “All devices”.

Below you will see the Social Media and Interests widget. The Social Media tab displays the top five social media platforms used by the chosen domains’ audiences. 

social media

The Audience Interests tab breaks down the top five key interests of your targets’ audiences, based on the categories of domains visited. 

Five results shown would mean that the top five interests or social media of all analyzed targets are the same and are the most popular among targets’ audiences.

On the other hand, the maximum possible number of results is 25. It would mean that all top 5 interests or social media are unique to their targets and there’s not much in common between the targets’ audiences.


Next, you’ll find the Households graph, which provides a breakdown of the market audience’s household size and income level. The Size portion of the widget shows a breakdown of household sizes (from 1 to 7+ individuals) across your market. Income Level shows you the breakdown of household incomes across your market.

Traffic Analytics Audience Insights Report image 5

Directly below the Households chart, you will find the Employment Status and Education Level widgets. The Employment Status graph shows a breakdown of the domain audience by employment status. The Education Level graph shows a breakdown of the domain audience by education level. This allows you to analyze the employment type and education level of your audience.

Traffic Analytics Audience Insights Report image 6

Next is the Audience Insights list. This will give a more detailed look into the domain’s target audience and their behavior. In this table, you can see the domain's ordinal number, additional visited domains, unique audience, shared audience %, and shared audience.

Traffic Analytics Audience Insights Report image 7

To change the comparison base and compare certain websites just switch the domains by using the dropdown menu above the list. Additionally, when you're comparing two or more sites you can set the audience segment for the table as "contains," "shares," or "excludes." 

This filter is directly to the left of the domain dropdown. Using this filter lets you compare domains and see the total shared audience between competitors and where a domain is missing out on an audience.

Traffic Analytics Audience insights filter

You can use the safe mode feature above the table in order to block out adult content that isn’t relevant to your research.